How to post

So here we are! Relax, this is not a tutorial. It’s just something to help you get started, understand what’s allowed in here and standardize the blog. Let me try to guess what your doubts may be.

In which languages should I post?

All languages are welcome here. If you write in Hebrew, Arabic, Afrikaans, we’ll be just fine with it. In short, It’s your call.

Can I upload images and insert them into posts?

Sure thing. If the images belong to you, great! If they don’t…

Let us respect what belongs to our fellow internet users. The blog encourages all its authors to only use images with Creative Commons licenses. You can find them at Once you’ve chosen the pic, you can upload it and store it at the media gallery. If suddenly the blog is flooded with images, I’ll be back to give you guys other guidelines.

Is there anything else?

Yup. When you post something it’d be really nice if you could start the post  providing readers with some context (like when you wrote it, why, etc.). Please, don’t forget to post the content using the ‘insert more tag’. That cuts your text in two (one part will be displayed on the homepage and the other will be available for those who click on ‘continue reading this post’). That  gives everybody more room on the homepage. You don’t have to worry- when people click on your image at the authors’ section they will see all your posts.

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